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Thread: Team/Driver Radio

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    Team/Driver Radio

    Hi Alan

    I enjoyed the recent Oulton Park round, thank you, keep up the great work.

    I noticed in the opening segment of the ITV coverage a 30 second or so compilation of some driver-team radio taken from the earlier races this season.

    Is there a possibility for some team radio to be heard during the races at all, la WTCR, DTM, Supercars etc? (With a time delay and editorial, to avoid any colourful language)

    Or, how about a quick "best of team radio" video for Facebook and YouTube the week after each round, like F1?

    I think a little bit of team radio can help to enhance the characters of the drivers and provide some extra context.

    Kind Regards


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    You would be amazed at how little driver-team radio communication there is during our races!

    As they are only 20-25 minutes long, with no pit-stops/strategy or suchlike, they hardly talk to each other or have any reason to do so once the race starts - apart from very basic information such as their gap to the car behind/in front etc.,(unless of course there is an incident or problem with the car).

    However there is nothing to stop ITV from doing's entirely up to them. We don't restrict them in any way, in that regard.

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