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Thread: 2019, Rumours, Hearsay, Announcements, Wishlists.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Urinal2001 View Post

    Your tally of accidents and being lapped will actually be interesting to see, and i mean that honestly. Do bear in mind its only relevant however, if you track all other drivers too. Thats what i will be interested to see; whether he actually IS worse than other drivers, or whether bias is has skewed some peoples views.
    I dont think he has many more accidents than any other btcc driver, but he will be plugging around at the back of the field unless there has been a massive change.

    I do think the accident tally for all drivers would make interesting reading over the course of the season, will look forward to the results

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    Quote Originally Posted by k3fus View Post
    Fantastic livery no doubt about that, but generally the standard of drivers in the lower half of the grid are not as high as a series of the stature of the BTCC should demand, but motorsport has always been about budget as well.
    I agree, but the success of a driver isn't about the results - it's about getting on the grid in the first place. Most of these drivers I see as businessmen doing their business whether that's generating sponsorship/income for their drive or paying their own way to be on the grid. Businesswise, the better a driver is the more money he or she makes through bonuses from the team and/or their sponsors or whether they can generate more sponsorship than it costs for them to drive for the season.

    Livery looks nice. The best of luck to him, and the fresh sponsor he's brought to the championship.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daviephd View Post
    Apparently did some Scirocco Cup races in 2012/13 so will have raced FWD before. I think a few decent Touring Car Drivers have started there. It will be good to see how he adapts and it's certainly a coup (in PR at least) for TPC to get a big name in the car.
    Blundell raced in the Mini Challenge JCW 2017, qualified 13, managed to finish only one of the races in 12, crashed out of the others.

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    So top BTCC journo Matt Salisbury tweeted yesterday that while the Mark Blundell news was surprising...

    '...It might just be that the most surprising story - and one of the biggest of the winter - is still to come.... #BTCC'

    Now that's intriguing

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    BTC Norlin are releasing a Press Release at 1.30pm on Monday...

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    Where did i mention his disability ? My comments had absolutely nothing to do with that whatsoever.
    What your saying is I`m not allowed to voice my opinion just because he has a disability ?
    I think that car would be a hell of a lot further up the grid in a better drivers hands, its a waste, simple as.

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